Modern Technology is Awesome.

Our devices have become a huge part of the modern world, improving the lives of billions every day. However, tech also has its drawbacks. At night, the artificial light from our phones and computers bombards our eyes and manipulates our circadian rhythm, resulting in poor sleep. And this problem isn't constrained just to screens — light bulbs also emit harmful light.

Many people are aware of the dilemma, and a variety of ways to combat the negative health effects have appeared. These include common solutions like F.lux and Apple’s Nightshift, and less popular ones such as tinted bulbs and yellow or orange blue-blockers. But all of these solutions have problems of their own and none work well.

That's when we realized there had to be a way to get good sleep without living in the dark. So we took up the challenge and created a pair of blue-blocking glasses that not only were more effective than anything currently on the market, but also more stylish: something necessary in order to ensure they would be worn often.

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These glasses are amazing. I've tried other blue blockers before and these are the best looking by a long shot!

Juanito A

The best pair of glasses I've purchased – I enjoyed them so much I gifted them to my best friend and placed a second order.

Johnny K

Just received the glasses and they have exceeded my expectations. Well done!

Jason, JBS Technologies

I love them, they exceeded my expectations! Recommending them to all my clients and friends. They ooze style and quality.

Justin L

I love the way your glasses look and feel. I had some uvex glasses but felt like they didn't block enough blue spectrum plus they looked dorky.

Laura M

Thank you for the excellent glasses!! Immediate comfort and I can tell that these glasses are blocking a lot of light.

Margaret G